Greenhouse JULIANA PREMIUM 13.0 M² Wall, with safety glass, anthracite/black color

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The charming Juliana Premium Greenhouse with Wall Plinth transforms to look like its owner. Do you like rustic style? Cover the wall plinth with old-looking brick tiles! Or maybe you’re more in favor of a modern and straightforward look? Cover the plinth with dark boards, or even minimalist gray upholstery stones. You can build a wall plinth yourself on top of which the greenhouse will be installed, or you can buy a ready-made modular wall that you can cover the way you want. The finished wall plinth can be left untreated on the inside, leaving gray plates visible. If you want, you can coat the inside of the example. Plastered. The gabled roof model is traditional in appearance, and due to its dimensions, the greenhouse is well-proportioned and functional. The ridge height is 267 cm, and the eaves height is up to 172 cm, which means that the room is also well-suited for staying when you can stand upright. In a greenhouse of this size, it is easy to combine coffee and cultivation, making the space as versatile as possible. The Premium has a double door that is 140 cm wide and has no threshold. So it's easy to get around the room, you can easily take the mold with wheelbarrows, or with milk carts in the spring when it's time to move the seedlings from the windowsill to the greenhouse.  Size: 13.0 m² Height: 267 cm Eaves height: 172 cm Width: 296 cm Length: 439 cm Door: Lockable double hinged door with ventilation hatches 140 cm Number of sunroofs: 4 Product freight separately!


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