Greenhouse JULIANA GARDENER 16.2 M² with safety glass, aluminum/black color

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JULIANA GARDENER The Gardener is the widest model of Juliana’s traditional gabled roof greenhouses. The rooms are spacious and suitable for cultivation and residence. Thanks to its width (368 cm), the Gardener opens the door to new possibilities. Sure, even small greenhouses can fit a lot with good planning, but especially for a beneficial farmer, a greenhouse with a large area is a dream come true. Hunger increases when eating, and when you have initially cultivated a couple of varieties of cucumbers and tomatoes, you probably want to expand the variety range and try to grow tomatoes with different looks and tastes, for example. Chilies, eggplants, corn, pineapple cherries and watermelons can also start to sound appealing, and heat-loving plants would like to have space in the greenhouse. The width of the Gardener can be effectively utilized for cultivation by making the room even in the middle of the pool, in addition to the wall linings. If, on the other hand, you like to organize yard parties, there is room in the room for a larger table that can accommodate family and friends. The greenhouse is a nice warm place in spring and fall when it is still cool outside. And the mosquitoes can't be disturbed either. As in other Juliana greenhouses, the Gardener has a good level of equipment. Roofing materials are of high quality and durable. The double door is 140 cm wide and has no threshold. The room is therefore easy to get to, it is easy to get there with wheelbarrows, for example. The lockable door also has a wind lock that prevents the doors from moving when they are open in windy weather. Separately opening hatches at the top of the door enhance ventilation on hot days. This is handy, especially if there are cats or dogs in the family that you want to restrict access to the greenhouse. The greenhouse also has gutters with an opening cover strip, downspouts for rainwater collection, or for diverting water elsewhere, molding for roofing sheets and the required number of sunroofs. The Gardener has high-quality and strong aluminum frame profiles that make the room solid and durable.   Juliana greenhouses have a 12-year frame warranty. We deliver all greenhouses cheaply all the way to your door!  Size: 16.2 m² Height: 287 cm Eaves height: 172 cm Width: 368 cm Length: 439 cm Door: Lockable double hinged door with ventilation hatches 140 cm Number of sunroofs: 4 Product freight separately!


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