Greenhouse JULIANA OASIS 13.5 M² with safety glass, anthracite grey

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JULIANA OASIS The uniquely shaped Oasis greenhouse is of interest; is it maybe a gazebo though? Or could it be both? The shape speaks for its owner’s style to be modern and open-minded, as this is nothing quite a traditional-shaped, gabled-roofed Ansari. For the aesthetic who organizes the party, Oasis is the perfect choice. The glass room can be placed in the garden for a place of honor, or on the terrace as an outdoor living room. The square-shaped greenhouse does have a “room feel,” which makes it easy to furnish. You decide the interior of the greenhouse yourself - this is your place to realize yourself and your own vision. If growing seedlings isn’t your thing, you can still decorate your greenhouse with flowers and green plants. How about an olive or even citrus tree in a corner of a greenhouse? The oasis has a 140 cm wide double door and no threshold. So the room is easy to get to, you can easily get there even with a serving trolley, and you don't have to worry about tripping over the threshold when carrying a tray. The door is locked and also has a wind lock that prevents the doors from moving when they are open in windy weather. The doors also have separate doors that open for more efficient ventilation on hot days. This is handy, especially if there are cats or dogs in the family that you want to restrict access to the greenhouse. The Oasis roof hood has automatic ventilation, ie when the greenhouse is warm enough, the hood rises and warm air can escape through the roof (Note! There is always a gap of about 2 cm between the roof hood and the roof to ensure air exchange, The equipment level of the greenhouse is good, and it has gutters with an opening cover strip, downspouts that can be used to irrigate rainwater, or divert water elsewhere, molding to roofing sheets and the required number of side hatches. Oasis has high-quality and strong aluminum frame profiles that make the room solid and durable. So if you see yourself enjoying your greenhouse for decades, get a quality and durable greenhouse to decorate your yard. Juliana greenhouses have a 12-year frame warranty. We deliver all greenhouses cheaply all the way to your door! Size: 13.5 m² Height: 307 cm Eaves height: 192 cm Width: 368 cm Length: 368 cm Door: Lockable double hinged door with ventilation hatches 140 cm Number of side hatches: 2 Product freight separately!


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