Caladium Bicolor Red Flash, about 40 cm

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Caladium Bicolor thrives best in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight. Diligent spraying improves its comfort. The tubers are preferably planted in peat and sandy fluffy soil. Three tubers can be planted in a 12 cm diameter pot. The hairy, bumpy side of the tuber is placed upwards. Leave about 2.5 cm of mulch on the tubers. After planting watered abundantly. In summer, during the growing season, a suitable temperature is 15-25 ° C. The soil is kept evenly moist throughout the growing season. Rainbow leaves are fertilized about once a week. After July, fertilization will be stopped. From August onwards, watering is less frequent as the plant prepares for winter rest. The leaves are allowed to wither completely. The tubers can be overwintered in their pots. The soil is allowed to dry. A suitable wintering temperature is 15-20 ° C. In the spring, the tubers are planted in new medium and initially transferred to a warm place, about 25 degrees. The letterhead can be added from side tubers, which, however, should not be removed too early.


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