Rootrainers mini greenhouse

22,95 €

Rootrainers® is a compact sized mini greenhouse where you can grow up to 32 well-developed roots for seedlings. Pot trays can be opened as a book, so the treatment of fragile seedlings proceeds subtly without damaging the root system. Rootrainers® is suitable for most seeds, but is particularly suitable for peas, beans, corn, strawberries, sunflowers and sweet peas. When the roots of the seedlings protrude from the drying holes, the bottom frame must be removed. Then the air can circulate under the cells and dry the root head so that the development of the root can be enhanced in the cell. airpruning. The package consists of three parts: bottom tray, pot cells and cover - and can be reused from year to year! Rootrainers are a Haxnicks product.


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