Substral ThinkEco Tomato Fertilizer 1L

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Product Description: 100% natural ingredients With a high potassium content for tasty tomatoes and other fruits Contains trace nutrients With fossilised guano from in fossilen deposits Low in chloride. Can be used Suitable for use in ecological farming * This Naturen - Liquid Fertilizer without synthetic additives, design enables the use of fertiliser in harmony with nature and the environment. Balanced Nutrient composition with natural levels of micronutrients. Suitable for use with tomato, herbs, chilli and pepper plants. Not suitable for hydroponic cultivation systems. Low in chloride. The Substral Naturen Organic range has been developed for for hobby gardeners that a perfect balance between effective diet for your plants And the use of fertiliser without using chemicals. They are suitable for general use Suitable for use in ecological farming, and therefore also in Own Biogarten. Your effectiveness was in comparative research proven. Directions: Shake before use. Recommended feed amount: into the watering can, fill Paw Plunger with water. Citrus and Mediterranean plants: 1/2 measuring caps (14 ml per 1 litre of water for plants. From March through to Septemper once a week. Use attached Fully fertiliser. If not, you because of the natural raw materials odours in watering can Possible. Sensitive, Schwachzehrende plants a new half the amount of soap. We recommend - Use Rain Water as a pouring water * Equivalent to than conventional product of Council tested for harmful substances in regulation EC 834/2007 thus idgf and can be in ecological/Organic Production.


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