Substral Osmocote 12 tbl

8,95 €

Osmocote Fertilizer is a long-acting fertilizer for pots, basket pots and balcony flowers, as well as for planting trees and shrubs. Osmocote nourishes plants for up to six months, practically throughout the growing season! The granules release nutrients for the use of plants as needed, due to temperature and moisture of the mold. Under optimal growth conditions, when is warm and humid, granules release nutrients. When is cool and dry, release of fertilizers will slow down. Thus, extra nutrients are not released into the soil in vain but according to the needs of the plant. NPK fertilizer containing magnesium, sulfur and micronutrients (15-4-10). Manual: Cone-shaped fertilizers are placed evenly in the planting pit under the roots of the plant or adjacent to the roots. When using more tablets, they are applied to the soil at even intervals around the root of the plant. Pots and ampoules: The amount of nutrient tablets is selected according to the diameter of the pot. Balcony boxes, flower beds and plantings: For summer flowering, 1 tablet per flower (for example, geranium and petunia plantings). For trees, shrubs and hedges, depending on the height of the plant, 1 tablet per 20 growth phases.


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