Neudorff Spruzit® 250ml

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4.6 g / l pyretrins, 825.3 g / l rapeseed oil A wide spectrum of spraying effects prevents absorbent and biting ornamental plants insects, offices, balconies, greenhouses and open air, including open-air vegetables and fruit. Effectively reverses: Heteropteras, spotted mites, white flyes, thrips and aphids, beetles and larvaes. The combination of natural pyrethrin and rapeseed oil ensures that, in addition to adult insects, their eggs and larvaes are effectively destroyed. The new generation will no longer be born! Harmless for bees. Use allowable in yard and garden Use: Heteropteras, larvae of butterflyes, thrips, beetles and tenthredinidaes: 10 ml in 1 liter of water (1% solution) White Fly: 15 ml in 1 liter water (1.5% solution) aphids: 20 ml in 1 liter water (2% solution) The withdrawal period: 7 days for seasoning and 1 day for other plants contents: 250 ml


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