Calathea Network about 50 cm

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Calathea plants have a broad genus. The leaves are long-stemmed and upright. The leaf is large and the color range on the cottages is wide! Breads are grown mainly for their decorative leaves. The inflorescence is modest, with the exception of the conifer, where the inflorescences rise above the leaves with a spectacular orange shade. Calathea medallion is one of the most popular calatheas, with red leaves underneath and dark green leaves with white patterns. Water regularly and allow the surface soil to dry between applications. However, excessive wetness is not good. Fertilize once a week during the growing season. It is worth spraying the leaves. Re-plant when the old pot starts to become small. Growing place is light or semi-shaded, does not tolerate direct sunlight. Height about 50 cm. Pot size 15 cm.


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