Kekkilä Conifer- and Rhodo fertiliser 800g

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Kekkilä Havu and rhodo fertilizer is a water-soluble special fertilizer for plants grown on coniferous, rhodos, blueberry bushes and other acidic soil plants. Kekkilä The coniferous and rhodo fertilizer mixed with irrigation water from melting of frost until the beginning of July 2-3 times a month. Add one spoonful (about 10 g) in to 10 liters of water and irrigate the plants in 1-2 square meters. From the end of July, Kekkilä autumn fertiliser is given to plants to improve winter resistance. Used only for when needed. The permissible operating quantities must not be exceeded. Use only for fertilizer purposes. NPK 9-5-18 1 spoonful / 10 l water / 2 m2 80 L of prepared nutrient solution / approx. 100-150 m2


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