Kekkilä Conifer- and Rhodo fertiliser 3kg

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The granulated Kekkilä Havu and rhodo fertilizer improves the color of evergreen plants and flower buds and maintains acidity in the soil. Rich potassium (K) improves flowering and the plant's resistance of winter and sulfur (S) maintains the acidity of the soil. Also includes iron (Fe) for dark green leaves and needles and all the necessary micro-nutrients. The granular fertilizer is easy to spread. INSTRUCTIONS Spread evenly to the plant root area. Irrigation after fertilization accelerates the effect. Coniferous 400 g / 10 m2 or 1-6 handful / tree or shrub Rhodos 600 g / 10 m2 or 1-6 Handful / Tree or Shrub Hydrangeas 400 g / 10 m2 spring and 200 g / 10 m2 in summer Blue berry bushes 300/10 m2 spring and 100 g / 10 m2 in summer 1 deciliter of granules Kekkilä fertiliser weighs about 120 grams. A handful of fertilizer weighs 30-50 g. Used only when needed. The permissible operating quantities must not be exceeded. Use only for fertilizer purposes.


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