Kekkilä Fertiliser for Berries 6kg

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FEATURES The nutritional composition of the berry fertilizer has been developed to achieve a fairly high flowering growth rate. By fertilizing regularly, flowering and harvest, will become very rich. Berry fertilizer also promotes the formation of vitamins and flavors, so fruit and berries will get a great, juicy flavor. INSTRUCTIONS Give berry fertilizer to berry shrubs and fruit trees in the spring. Apply fertilizer 300-700 g / 10 m2 or 1-5 handful (20-30 g) for each shrub or tree. The package contains more detailed plant-specific fertilizer dosering instructions. Used only for when needed. The permissible operating quantities must not be exceeded. Use only for fertilizer purposes. Fertilize plants after harvesting Kekkilä with Autumn fertilizer; it improves the plant's winter resistance and the harvest of the next year. USING RECOMMENDATION 300-700 g / 10 m2 or 1-5 handful / apple tree COVERAGE 6 kg Approximately 100 to 200 m2 depending on the nutrition requirement of plants. PACKAGE SIZE 6 kg N-P-K 5-4-15 (Mg 3, S 8)


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