Kekkilä Pot gravel 5L

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Ruukkusora is specially method cooked clay gravels which are ideal for draining the pots and crates. A Fair Layer the pot gravels ensures airy conditions for roots of green plants and summer flowers. INSTRUCTIONS You can also drain the balcony boxes with the gravels. You should use a large amount of Ruukkusora in large buckets - so the pots are lighter to move. The bottom of the pot is filled with Ruukkusora and the rest 30-40 cm with soil. Spread a 2-5 cm thick Kekkilä Ruukkusora on the bottom of the pot. Pour the mold over the gravel and plant the plant. With gravels you get a good drainage to the bottom of the pot. In some of self-irrigation pots, it is even necessary. For planting, use a suitable mold, like Kekkilä Kukkamulta or Kesäkukkamulta.


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