Organic plant fiber based medium 40 l

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The plant fiber-based growing medium is made of reed plants, whitewashed. Reeds make the product airy. The product is well suited for growing and cultivating all garden plants. The product is made in Kitee and is a very ecological product compared to traditional coconut or peat based growing medias. Raw materials: reed canary grass, lake reed, sand. Additives: 3 kg / m3 Dolomite lime, pH: 6.4, Conductivity: 38.8 mS / m, Organic matter: 98%, Moisture: 65.4%, Roughness: screened with a 20 mm sieve, Bulk density: 550 kg / m3, Main nutrients: mg / kg dry matter, Water-soluble nitrogen (N): 460, Soluble phosphorus (P): 180, Soluble potassium (K): 3700


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