Sunlite XL Growing light 25 W

99,95 €

The Sunlite XL is a NEW and larger plant lamp and is ideal for use with larger houseplants to provide the maintenance light needed during the dark season. It comes with an adjustable telescopic stand that mounts to the pot. The plant luminaire emits a nice warm white light that is suitable for lighting indoor plants both at home and in a public environment. It is built around specially designed LED chips whose wavelengths stimulate photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation. Can be supplemented with a controller with timer and dimmer. Light source: Built-in LED power: 25 W Life time: 25,000 h Color temperature: 4000 K power supply : 27 VDC / 230 V 50 Hz 0.8 A Cord length: 4 m Dimensions: ø 160 x 80 mm Length of telescopic arm: 0.3 - 1.7 m Color: white