BioProffa bio collection container 5 l black

39,95 €

Organic collection container Bioproffa 5 l black Durable 5 liter metal bio collection container where you can put all your food waste after a meal. Vegetable and fruit peels, food scraps, etc. can be collected in the container. Waste can be allowed to accumulate there for several days without having to worry about flies or unpleasant odors at home. The activated carbon filter on the lid keeps odors under control. Technical information Diameter: 20 cm Height: 29 cm Volume: 5 l Material: metal Color: black Additional Information Cleaning: Wash the dish with warm soapy water. The activated carbon filter can be washed by dissolving it in soapy water while shaking it slightly to remove any adhering dirt from the filter. After about 20 minutes of reconstitution, rinse the container with warm water. The filter lasts for several months. A plastic bag can also be used inside the container.


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