BioProffa Bokashi Organko kitchen composter 16 l double pack

129,95 €

The package includes two 16-liter composts and two lids, a faucets and strainers, Bokashiro groats and a dosing bucket, a sealing spatula, a drain cup and instructions. The BioProffa Bokashi Organko kitchen composter is an easy and convenient biowaste composter for every home, which makes biowaste treatment pleasant and odorless. The kitchen composter prevents the rotten of biowaste and the addition of BioProffa grit removes unpleasant odors and the composter does not attract nasty insects. The fermentation process produces nutrient-rich pre-composting material from the biowaste. The kitchen composter is 32 cm wide, 27 cm deep and 39 cm high. The product is made of recycled plastic. Fermentation produces excellent precomposting material from biowaste in two weeks, which provides the basis for first-class compost soil for gardening and cultivation. It contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Mix the material from the bokashi compost well with the soil in a so-called soil factory, such as a composter. According to the Waste Act, the pre-composting material is still biowaste, so the soil factory must be rodent-protected. Fermentation also results in a nutrient-rich liquid that can be used: • as a nutrient for garden and home flowers (dilution ratio 1: 200) • for cleaning sewers and waste containers (undiluted)


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