InVase Flower support mid-size

19,50 €

InVase - ingenious flower arrangement support! Flower arrangement / cut flower support for Finland's most popular vase. With this product, you will set a beautiful flower arrangement into your vase with just a few flowers. The high-quality, carefully finished support and its crystal-clear material create a very elegant whole with the vase, and the support makes classic vases versatile and even more beautiful interior items. Functional design and foldable machine washable construction make the product easy to use, easy to care for and easy to store. InVase support comes in three sizes! The InVase support is almost invisible in the vase and does not take your attention away from the beautiful vase or your arrangement. The discreet, beautiful and safe design does not damage the vase. The support is made of completely recyclable materials and is machine washable. Comes in a beautiful velvet lined black package.


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