Hanataba Pitchblack

29,50 €

Hanataba is Japanese and means bouquet of flowers. The Hanataba innovation has its roots in the spiral technique used by florists (Dutch spiral). In the spiral technique, the stems of the flowers are placed side by side in the same direction with a slight twist, whereby the stems together form a spiral. The aim is to keep the flowers and stems intact, to give the flowers space and to get bouquet as much width, volume and strength as possible with even a smaller number of flowers. With Hanataba, you can create your own bouquets cheaply and always ensure a great result. The sales package contains up to two (2) products! You can instantly get double the beauty of your home. The sales package of bundle supports made of metal contains two Hanataba of the same color packed in a beautiful box. The sales package of the bundle support, made of clear plastic, contains one wonderful product.


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