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heading-icon How to order from our online store Ordering is done via Shopping Cart. You can collect the items on our website in the shopping cart desired quantity. The shopping cart image appears on the pages at the top right. It also shows how much the product is in the shopping cart and what their value is. To see more about Shopping Cart content and the items there, click on the shopping cart. In the shopping cart, you can customize your order, add and remove items, or clear the Shopping Cart completely. Ordering in four steps: Wanted items in shopping cart, choice of delivery and payment method Providing contact information Confirmation of order Payment 1. Shopping Cart Once you have collected the shopping cart for the products you want, you can continue to order products from the Shopping Cart page. Please choose a delivery and payment method before continuing. Select "Continue Ordering" 2. Providing contact information Please fill up the contact information. Each subscriber must provide either a telephone number or an e-mail address (preferably both) so we can contact orderer if necessary. Select "Next" 3. Confirmation of Order Check the order that there are no errors Check the contact information for them to be correct Read our delivery terms You can confirm the order only if you agree the terms of delivery 4. Payment of the order Pay the order as you like