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Select luminaires
Choose the lamps you want from our extensive range. You can choose as many lights as you like about 50 mood, terrace and garden light from our range and freely combine all luminaires with each other in the same transformer. With the one transformer can make up to 80 meters long cabling.

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Select the transformer
Select a sufficiently powerful transformer based on the total power of the lamps. Take into account also the later expansion requirement and the consumption of any 6 watts of the twilight switch. It is worth choosing a fairly more powerful transformer to extend the system later. The alternatives are 21 W, 60 W and 150 W transformers.

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Select the connecting cables
Select adequate cables between the transformer and the luminaires. When cable length is up to 30 m or power consumption of 35 W, you can use SPT-1 cables (6 m extension cable and 10 m main cable). For a wider system, SPT-3 cables are used (10 m extension cable and 15 m main cable). With a cable junction, you can split one of the connectors into three, and with the thread connector you will get the connection to the desired location on the cable. The system can be used to connect the required number of cables and splitters so that power is supplied to all luminaires. All cables and connectors are compatible with each other.

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